No one can control a vehicle breaking down, receiving PCS orders, or unexpected life changes. The financial strain when unplanned events happen can be extremely frustrating. At Armed Forces Loans, we provide financial assistance for Coast Guard personnel to help return to a more sustainable financial situation.

How do I know if I qualify for the loan?

If you're active duty in the United States Coast Guard whether an officer or enlisted with at least 18 months remaining in your contract and need a Personal Military Loan, Armed Forces Loans has the military loan for you.  Our loans offer an alternative to traditional with a fully online experience.  We also provide benefits that your local bank may not understand due to military needs and concerns.  Armed Forces Loans features competitive interest rates and manageable monthly payment plans.  Whatever financial strain you’re currently under, AFL Military Loans offer flexibility of non-restrictive terms to provide you with financial relief without having to step into our offices or a bank branch.

Online application and flexible terms

At Armed Forces Loans, we offer online application and e-signature for loan documents to make receiving funds faster and to serve overseas service members more easily. We understand the unique circumstances of Coast Guard personnel. Many times, military servicemen and women do not have the time to form good credit. In any case, our Personal Military Loans may be available to you. AFL offers loans up to $5,000 for 1st time borrowers and $10k to our VIP returning customers with an easy, no-hassle repayment process. Payments are scheduled over a 12-36 month period and there is no penalty for early repayment. To top it off, our approval process is simple and fast, meaning you’ll be able to use your funds quickly.

Can they help me?

It is important to find terms that work best for your Personal Military Loan which is why you’ll speak with a loan officer to determine the best payment for your situation. Emergencies do come up and Personal Military Loans can help you out of a tight situation so you can focus on what’s important. Your Personal Military Loan is set up with monthly payments that you can afford and pay directly through an allotment or convenient online payments, making it easier to repay the loan and build a positive trade line on your credit report.

Who should I talk to?

For any questions regarding if you’re qualified for a loan or what you can use the funds on, Coast Guard members may want to consult with the representatives at Armed Forces Loans. These individuals are able to answer any questions or concerns faced by potential applicants and returning clients, as well as provide assistance when it comes to the loan application process. If you have no questions, please apply directly on the website. Choose an email address you have easy access to and a password you can recall as you will need to log into the website to complete the loan process.