Allotment Start instructions

Allotment Restart instructions

Step 1. Go to (If you have never before used the “My Pay” system before, then your PIN will be the last five(s) digits of your SSN.)

Step 2. Select the Allotments menu.

Step 3. 


  • Select “add savings Allotment”
  • Enter the Routing Transit and Account numbers as follows:
    • Routing #: 321270742
    • Account #: 2705652440
  • The Account type will be SAVINGS.
  • The amount is listed on your loan documents, as “monthly payment” + $2.00 (transaction fee)


If your existing payment is the SAME as your NEW loan payment;


If your existing payment is DIFFERENT from your NEW payment;

  • Select “click to edit” (yellow box) on the corresponding allotment
  • Change your existing payment to match your new payment + 2.00 (transaction fee).

Step 4. Once you have entered the information, hit “CONTINUE”

Step 5. You will now have a screen reviewing all the changes you have made;

Step 6. Now, click on “SUBMIT”.

Step 7. You will now be on the "Finish" page, as notified by the diagram at the top. Take a screenshot of this page.

Step 8. Now click "Finish."

Step 9. Upload the secreenshot to your profile or email to

Note: IF you are in the Coast Guard or a DOD employee you will use the same basic steps, however you will use you own pay system.